Monday, October 27, 2008

October 27, 2008; Volume 04, Number 28

October 27, 2008; Volume 04, Number 28

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Good Monday morning, and thanks for joining in today again. Today's show is a real treat. An interview with Mr. Gregg Rubinstein, Principle of GAR Associates in Washington, D. C. Gregg's a frequent contributor on this program. When I can get him! And always has something interesting to say about Japan's foreign relations and the U.S.-Japan relationship.

This interview was recorded via SkypePhone last Monday, the 20th, at just this time. And I'm finally getting it posted on the Web. Better late than never. So, enjoy Gregg's comments on the current situation.

Next time I'll return to the subject of political reform in Japan, and how we assess it.