Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 18, 2009, Volume 05, Number 06

The Japan Considered Podcast for February 18, 2009, is up and running.

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Welcome today from the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. At Edisto Beach State Park, South Carolina. Back at site # 18 again, and enjoying the view. What a great place to produce a podcast! You can see more of Edisto Beach at:

Today we'll focus on the problems of Japan's political party system at the national level. Really, the "trials of Taro," or, more politely, the challenges facing Prime Minister Aso, are only a manifestation of that more basic problem. As presently configured, Japan's national political party system has proven incapable of recruiting effective, competent central political executives. And Japan overall is paying the price. I suggest that this situation can't last forever. That we're likely to see the beginnings of fundamental change in the party system during the next general election.

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