Saturday, December 29, 2007

December 21, 2007; Volume 03, Number 44

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Welcome back to the Japan Considered Podcast. Thanks for dropping by. The production schedule is still muddled. But the Podcast is going strong. No PodFading here.

This week we consider a number of international events of significance. First a follow-up on the "Joint Communique" flap with Mainland China we discussed on the last program. Then preparations for Prime Minister Fukuda's first trip to China as prime minister. Next we consider the longer-term significance of Japan's successful SM-3 missile shoot-down from the Aegis-equipped Kongou destroyer. And finally, on the international side, how the Fukuda Cabinet has handled the DSP inquiry into Government of Japan preparations for the arrival of potentially hostile UFOs.

In conclusion we take a look at the LDP's new YouTube website, and consider its significance for political campaigning in Japan.

As always, send your comments and suggestions for the program directly to me at I read them all, and respond directly to as many as possible soon after their arrival. End-of-semester flurry has created a back-up there too, I fear. But I'll get through them all, and appreciate the suggestions.