Friday, July 28, 2006

Volume 02, Number 28.

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Thanks for tuning in again to long-time listeners. And a hearty South Carolina welcome to those of you who’ve found us for the first time. I’m Robert Angel, creator and maintainer of the Japan Considered Project, and creator and host of this podcast.

Beginning Monday, the 31st, I’m planning to be away for about 10 days. So there will be no Japan Considered Podcast next week. That’s Friday, August 4th. I’ll be back with you the following week, August 11th, to catch up with whatever’s happened in the interim. I’m sure we’ll have a lot to consider.

This week we’ll maintain our domestic politics focus, and consider events related to the LDP presidential race. Then we’ll turn to the Democratic Party of Japan. DPJ goings-on are very important. Both for the DPJ itself, and even for the inner workings of the LDP. But it’s much harder to get good information about the DPJ from the English, and even the Japanese, language media. I hope you'll join me week after next, August 11th, when we'll continue to consider the longer-term significance of recent events related to Japan's domestic politics and international relations.